TransactionPoint - Transaction Coordinators

Real estate transactions are complex and require the coordination of a variety of documents, contacts, service orders and tasks to close.

Powerful. Proven. Paperless.

Transaction Coordinators:

TransactionPoint® Pro is a powerful and highly secure platform that streamlines real estate transactions with:

  • Automated workflows
  • Document management features
  • Vendor ordering

Easy to Use

  • Just a few easy steps and clicks to add a new vendor or review the transaction details.
  • Run a report of all transactions for a particular client to include with your invoice.

Review Portal

  • The online system stores vendors, title representatives, etc. so it is easy to find and use them again without additional data entry.
  • The review portal allows you to check for missing signatures and see what is going on.

Transparency, Security & Audit Trail

The best defense against professional liability claims is a clear audit trail for all key events. TransactionPoint Pro provides a secure, online vault with all of the real estate documentation you need to track, maintain and manage.

  • Comprehensive audit trail that tracks and stores all tasks, documents, faxes and emails for compliance purposes.

We Support You and Your Business

  • Dedicated specialist to support you.
  • Supported, proactive redundancy and oversight is built into the platform.
  • Receive user guides.

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